May 12, 2021 | Featured

Why Distributors, not Stockists?

We are often asked why we opt for a clear distribution partnership model to that of a more traditional stockist route. For us, our key focus is always centred around building long term relationships that are not only sustainable but also evolving. We work hard with each distributor to ensure that we can both grow together and support each other long term.

What are the benefits of becoming a distributor?

  1. Exclusivity
    The first and most important factor is that we offer each distributor exclusivity in the country or region that they operate in. This empowers distributors to grow the brand, as they mutually benefit from the success of the brand over time.
  2. No competition
    By offering exclusivity for our brand, we are able to ensure full traceability for each product that we manufacture; this provides each distributor with the added security that they don’t have to compete with other stockists of VITY within their country, giving them the opportunity to grow the brand with confidence. Each distributor also has the chance to include their details on our packaging as the official distributor in their chosen country.
  3. Tailored approach
    We work very closely with each of our distributors. As each market can be different, by working closely with each distributor we are able to better understand the requirements in that market and deliver a product and marketing approach that is suitable for that specific market.


At VITY, instead of focusing on the size of the distributor, we focus on them being the right match for our company. We look for companies who are enthusiastic and passionate about VITY and have the vision to see the brand succeed within their country. Small or large, start-up or established, we are happy to discuss the opportunity with you.


We enjoy seeing and sharing the stories of distributors’ success and hard work that they do to grow VITY. We aim to support each distributor to select, register, launch the right products for their market and continue to grow the brand for years to come.

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