A fun, fresh, exciting approach to vitamins & supplements

Our stand-out ranges

We offer a selection of vitamins, minerals and food supplements in tablets and capsules, to liquids, syrups, drops, effevescents, powders, chewables and gummies.

Vity Essentials

Vity Essentials is a range of vitamins, minerals and supplements for everyday requirements. Stiff joints, weak bones or an iron deficiency; there’s a Vity supplement for everyone. Vity Essentials provide an extra boost to everyday health.

Products include; UK’s top selling products at affordable prices – Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Multi Vitamin, Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium and many more.

Vity Lifestyles

Vity Lifestyle is a range of carefully blended combinations of vitamins and minerals to suit different lifestyle needs. Healthy Man – mens multivitamin, Healthy Woman – womens multivitamin, Pregnancy supplements and Hair, Nail and Skin supplements are just some of the excellent products in the Vity Lifestyle range.

Vity Mints

A new and exciting way to take daily vitamins and minerals in a fresh mint tablet. They provide all the health benefits of standard supplements with the added bonus of giving you minty fresh breath. Products include: Vitamin D, Immune formula and multivitamin.

Vity Excellence

Our excellence range showcases our premium and specialist formulations. These include Collagen, Bio-cultures probiotic, mens and womens fertility, Super Greens powder plus many more.

Vity Minis

Our childrens range offers a number of vitamin and supplements formulas with different way of medicating. Our range includes chewable and tasty tablets and fruit flavoured syrups.

Vity Effervescents

VITY Effervescents offers a range of 9 effervescent products to drink. Enjoy a selection of great flavours, such as orange, blackcurrant, raspberry, lemon and more. With an exciting selection of products from Rehydration and Energy, to Immune support and Bone support; we’ve got a product to suit your daily needs.



VITY offers a fun, fresh and exciting approach to vitamins and supplements.

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