Frequently asked questions

We appreciate there is a lot to understand, so to help you get the answers you need we have listed some of the most frequent questions below. If you still cannot find the answer to your question then please get in touch and we’d be happy to assist.

General Questions

What are NRV’s?

NRV’s (Nutrient reference value) were previously referred to as RDA’s (Recommended Daily Allowance). They show the suggested daily allowance that each serving provides based on current scientific information e.g. Vitamin B6 1.4mg – 100% NRV.

Who sets the NRV's?

NRV’s are set by the scientific papers and issues by the Department of Health. Different countries and regions in the world use different information and review information differently, therefore it’s common to see differences between.

Why do some ingredients not have an NRV?

Not all ingredients have an NRV. This simply means that the regulatory body have no suggested intake for this ingredient.

Why are some ingredients over 100% of the NRV?

The NRV is used as a guideline and is set as a standard which is considered to be sufficient to meet the requirements 97-98% of healthy individuals in every demographic. As peoples Vitamin and supplement requirements can vary this is why it’s often usual for some of our products to differ from the NRV. In some cases it’s possible to purchase products with over 1000% per NRV. Please consult your doctor, GP or medical professional if you are unsure about the amount to take.

The important thing to remember is to check the amount of ingredients you are getting per serving e.g. MG’s, MCG’s, IU’s.

Are the products safe?

Yes, all our products are approved for sale in each country, and if there are any warnings or cautions, these will be clearly listed on the packaging.

Why are some products coated?

Some ingredients have noticeable and unpleasant natural odours and taste, so to help minimise this some of our products are coated.

Is my packaging recyclable?

Yes, we’re conscious of the environment and reducing our packaging waste, that’s why all our packaging is recyclable. Check the bottom of your packaging for further details

Labelling Explained

WHAT IS ‘µg’?

An ‘µg’ is the new approved term for Micrograms, previously stated ‘mcg’.

What is ‘IU’?

IU means international units and is widely used to express the activity or potency of some Vitamins. Each Vitamin calculation from MG/MCG to IU differs depending on the source of the product.

To help make it easy, we list both the MCG/MG and IU (where applicable) on all our packaging.

Why is your packaging complicated to understand?

We aim to keep our packaging and wording as simple as possible. We are governed by the Food Standards Agency, Trading Standards and EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and by law, must use only approved terms, wording and unit terms in order to fully comply with the current regulations.

Why is my packaging only a quarter full?

Some products are so small that they only fill the packaging ¼ of the way. Our packaging is also  designed to around the information we must show to customers by law and include on each label, ensuring it is legible. This means that sometimes the packaging is slightly larger than the specific product requires.

What else is in my product?

In order to make each product suitable, we often use excipients (other ingredients that do not have a benefit to health). These ensure the tablet/capsule blends and forms consistently and correctly, think of them like the flour and eggs to a cake.

Why are our health claims so boring?

We are governed by the wording of each claim made for an ingredient and must express each health claim as approved by EFSA (European Food Standards Agency).

E.g. Vitamin D supports the normal maten…..

We understand the wording the is long and boring, but we’re just following the guidelines

Being a Distributor

How are our products regulated?

All our products are classified under food law within the EU.

What are our standards?

We ensure that we offer the highest available standards for all our products. Our standards include: 

GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) relates to the practices that must be met in order to conform to the minimum guidelines set out for the manufacturing of food, drug products and pharmaceuticals.

EFSA – The European Food Standards Agency (EFSA) covers all matters that directly or indirectly impact food safety including the manufacturing and distribution. We can ensure that your product is manufactured in order to meet any standards laid out by the EFSA

BRC – The British Retail Consortium (BRC) first introduced its Global Standard for Food Safety, a GFSI benchmarked standard, in 1998. Today the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety has almost 16,000 certified sites in over 100 countries worldwide

ISO – ISO 9001 Certified” means an organization has met the requirements in ISO9001. It defines an ISO 9000 Quality Management System (QMS). ISO 9001:2008 is focused on meeting customer expectations and delivering customer satisfaction so you must pay attention to the customer. This makes sure that we have the correct processes in place to support our customers to the highest standards.

Do you have a product promise?

Our aim is to promise the highest quality products, whilst offering a fun and attractive brand. We have a product promise to ensure that every tablet and capsule produced is to the high standards and meets exactly what we say on our labels.

Batch traceability – every batch and ingredient is traceable back to its original source, and each batch of product is tested at numerous stages throughout the production of each ingredient, ensuring high quality, traceable products.

Documentation – each product and batch is supported with the correct documentation to ensure the product meets the highest standards. A Product master formulation/product specification is available for all products, and a certificate of analysis is provided for each batch to ensure each product meets the correct specification.

Who do we work with?

We work with all companies; big or small; new or established. Our main focus is finding the right companies, ones that have synergies with our brand and that share our values.  Because we only appoint one distributor per country we make sure that finding the correct distributor for the brand is our top priority.

If you think you’ve got what it takes becoming a Vity distributor then get in touch.

I'm a new company, will you still work with us?

Of course; at Vity we work with everyone from new companies to established ones. If you are a new company, we’d advise checking the regulatory status of our products in your country/region to ensure there are no restrictions before contacting us. If you have any questions, or are still not sure then let me know as our expert regulatory team may be able to assist.

How can I ensure I am the only distributor in my country?

Firstly there’s the trust, we take the time to build the trust and get to know each distributor and we ensure that each distributor is signed up with an agreement that is favourable for both companies. Finally, because of our quality control and because all goods are manufactured to order we can ensure that there is full traceability on all products, so we know exactly where every product comes from.




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